FP2020 Core Indicators
Check out our interactive data displays for FP2020 Core Indicator estimates. Learn more about our Data Sources and Methodology here.

Explore the Core Indicator data and special analyses on youth, method mix and the NCIFP in the FP2020 Commitment to Action 2014-15: Measurement Annex.

Download the full set of data used for the 2015 Progress Report and Measurement Annex.

Extraction/Graphing Tool
We are developing a web-based tool to allow downloading of Core Indicator data, in spreadsheets or as charts. Check it out.

Other Family Planning Indicators
See most recent survey estimates for additional family planning indicators.

Family Planning Effort Index
View the data for all countries included in the rounds of the Family Planning Effort Index – from 1972 to 2014. Learn more about the index in the latest FPE publication.

Individual Country Data

Want to see data for a particular country in one place? Visit one of our 70 country pages, where you’ll find a country snapshot showing recent survey estimates for key family planning indicators, and a tab to view the FP2020 Core Indicator estimates for the country. You can also download 2014-15 FP2020 Core Indicator Summary Sheets on each country page.

* indicates countries with additional anaylses on fertility status, FP use and intention, and method source