FP2020/Track20 Data & Analyses

FP2020 Momentum at the Midpoint: 2015-16

Explore FP2020 Core Indicator data in the annual report, produced by FP2020 and Track20

FP2020 Core Indicator Summary Sheets

Explore 2015-16 estimates of FP2020 Core Indicators in these country Summary Sheets produced by FP2020 and Track20


Track20 Tools

FPET Instructions

Download instructions for FPET Data Preparation Tool and FPET, available in English and French. Instructions are for producing both national and sub-national estimates.

FPET Data Preparation Tool

Use this tool to prepare your country’s historic survey data for running in FPET. Instructions for both tools are also provided here.


Track20’s Family Planning Estimation Tool (FPET) uses historic survey data to produce estimates for key family planning indicators, such as contraceptive prevalence and unmet need for family planning.

Rapid Assessment Tool

Track20's Rapid Assessment Tool guides you through a process to assess the collection, processing and use of key family planning data in your country.

FP Goals

FP Goals is an innovative new model designed to improve strategic planning. FP Goals combines demographic data, family planning program information, and evidence of the effectiveness of diverse interventions to help decision-makers set realistic goals and prioritize investments across family planning strategies and interventions.

SS to EMU Converter

Track20 has developed this tool to assist countries in converting service statistics data into estimates of modern method use (EMU is a proxy for mCPR), that can be used as input in the Family Planning Estimation Tool (FPET).

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Calculate FP2020 Core Indicators

Indicators 1-9

Enter your country’s FPET output and additional survey data to produce estimates for 9 key FP2020 indicators, including additional users of modern method of contraception and estimates of the impacts of modern contraceptive use.

Indicator 13

Enter your country’s service statistics data (commodities distributed) from one or more years to calculate annual Couple-Years of Protection.

More Track20 Resources

M&E Officer Activities

Track20 supports 20 family planning M&E officers in 17 countries. Learn more about what our M&E officers in Kenya and India are doing.

NCIFP Report

This report presents country results for the new National Composite Index for Family Planning (NCIFP), a new measure developed in support of FP2020 that scores countries across five dimensions: strategy, data, quality, equity, and accountability.

NCIFP Interactive Discussion Guide

This interactive tool allows countries to explore their NCIFP results, and can be used to facilitate discussions among stakeholders about the results and potential action steps.

FPE Policy Briefs

Policy briefs produced for FP2020 and other countries, presenting analysis of Family Planning Effort (FPE) scores from the current and previous rounds. Research and policy implications based on the analyses are also presented. More briefs are coming soon!

DHS Family Planning Summaries

Single-page summaries highlighting trends in modern contraceptive prevalence in countries with Demographic & Health Surveys.

Track20 Technical Briefs

Track20 Country Publications

Rapid Survey of Contraceptive Prevalence in UP, India

Track20 M&E Officers in India conducted a rapid survey in Uttar Pradesh in 2015 to collect data on family planning use and counseling, unmet need, etc. Check out the newly released report!